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«  […] This issue’s title: “We” isn’t a dedication to some new sort of communitarianism, and neither is it meant to be a manifesto. Times are changing, outlines are being remodeled and geology is evolving. Checkpoint is inscribed in this imperceptible shifting; forming an inter-subjective space that bears all the functions of an itinerant lab made of proposals, meetings, and initiatives. Its necessity: To open up heterogeneous directions, allowing art to be expressed in its most direct forms…to evolve, to be on the move…but without necessarily allowing recognition and identification to occur. Change of format, change of approach, here verbs make way for pronouns.[…] »

Djamel Kokene - Iferhounène (Algeria), June 2013

n° 3 « Nous / نحن / NO US »,
Paris, 2013 - 2014

224 pages
 Size : 14,80 x 21 cm

 Printed in 2 colors recto/verso
 UE, CA 25 €
 North Africa, Middle-East 20 €
 ISBN : 2-9524912-3-2
Djamel Kokene - revue checkpoint
éditorial revue checkpoint